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frequent crashes

I have bought a new Roku device for development. I'm find that it crashes frequently. The crashes are traceable to specific bits of code.

For example, I had a statement to print out some XML coming back from an HTTP request. The request and response were fine, there were no malformed characters in the stream and the XML wasn't huge. That debug statement consistently crashed the device.

I guess I'll consider this a problem with the specific device and order another one. But in the meantime I wonder if anybody else has seen comparable issues. It might be code problems in the Roku OS rather than hardware problems.

Anybody else seeing frequent crashes?
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Re: frequent crashes

This turns out to be -- probably -- an issue with either printing large variables or concatenating them. The following code will consistently crash my Roku after printing out 32768 and before printing out 65536.

Sub Main()
foo = "a"
while true
print foo
foo = foo+foo
print len(foo)
end while
End Sub
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