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exit stream in same place of XML??

Hi ,

I am using the sample player example with remote xml for categories and streams and everything work great ..

except that I would like to know how I could add this feature

when application start , then choose category 1 , go to the 5th ( or whatever the stream ) and watch it .. after I exit ( press the back button ) I would like to find my self still on the same channel ( stream ) .. not in the beginning of the list again .. so it be easy to watch the next one instead of moving all away again to the stream I was at .

Full details ( in case I could not describe the issue well )

I open the application
choose 2nd category ( xml )
it read 20 streams and show me the icons
I choose any stream I want to see
I watch it for a while ..
I click back button

what happen is that I find my self on the category page and focus on the 1st stream in the list .. I would like to be focused on the same stream I WAS watching .

fast reply will be really appreciated .
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