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Level 7

download SDK docs?

The developers guide makes mention of a PDF but I can't seem to find it. Is there a location to download the development docs for offline reading?
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Level 10

Re: download SDK docs?

Yes, you go to the roku sdk wiki page and 'export as PDF'. ... key=sdkdoc

That link was from this forum - has been posted a few times before.
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Level 9

Re: download SDK docs?

Original PDF fossils can be dug out on this page
Mostly of archeological interest though. Better stay with the wiki/online docs, they change - for the better - with no warning/announcements.

Pro tip for lean coders:
in TextWrangler (Mac OSX), for right-click menu "Find in Reference" to show relevant docs, in Preferences / Languages customize the VBScript entry, set "reference URL template" to either
(EnTerr's choice: the latter, since it pulls relevant results from forums and blogs too)
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