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developer mode in Roku LT

Im new here and like to try to create a channel for myself.

I like to watch Tru TV at:

I watch this on the computer...
I like to try create a channel for this TruTv show so I can play it on my Roku on my Big TV.

First thig I need to do is enable the developer mode in my box..

I pressed these buttons:
HOME (3x), then UP (2x), then right (1x), left (1x), right (1x), left (1x), right (1x).

nothing happens, even when I add my IP into the browser to access it - nothing.

What am I doing wrong?

If there is not a way to create a channel to the show I want up here..

Is there a program that works to stream it from my pc to the tv?

I have tried PLAYON, twonty, playto, roconnect with no luck to even get it up and running right.. apps on tablet as required too. No luck.

Thank you
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Re: developer mode in Roku LT

That is the correct remote key sequence to use, it should work. It might be that there was some delay between individual key presses when you were going through the sequence. Try it again with no pauses between key presses and see if that helps.
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Re: developer mode in Roku LT

Thank you, it works now.. had to do the buttons fast.

Now in reference to the latter questions of getting tru tv.. is there a program to stream that to my roku to tv..
Is it possible to do a channel to this tru tv> illegal?
Just wondering since I watch it directly on computer..
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