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Level 7

description text overhangs on roGridScreen

We're having an issue where some of our longer description text is overhanging in the description box on our grid screen. I would expect that this text would be automatically truncated with an ellipse, but instead it just overflows.

For example:

----------------------------------------------------------------- <---- this line overflows the grid box

I would expect the text instead to be truncated if it was too long, ie:

----------------------------------------------------------------- http... <--- last line gets truncated

Truncating texts works if there are shorter "words" in the text description, ie:

sdjf a sjka jkd sfk asd f asd kfa dsklf adsf lasd fasd

adsjkasdf sad sdafads asd a sdfadlsk asdf asdflk as....

In this case truncation works as it should without us having to set up anything special.
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Level 7

Re: description text overhangs on roGridScreen

For example, we store the description text as:


Please note the line breaks "\n" and lack of whitespace.

I would expect that text with this many characters would simply be truncated with an ellipse (...), but instead it overflows. I'm wondering if there's a bug with the roku truncation or line break method. Is this something we can control or optimize?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks
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