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confirmation mail failed

Hello, Now I try to upload my .pkg file in my developer accoun in, in the screen says:

We have sent a verification email. Please check your inbox and return here when you have validated your email address.

but The mail never arrived.

I have confirmed my payment methods and my mail for a year registered in this account, but today I realized that I can not upload my not registered channel for test.

Someone else happens to ?

Roku Guru

Re: confirmation mail failed

Please email partnerSuccess and they'll sort it out
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Roku Guru

Re: confirmation mail failed

Here are some ideas about self-help:

  1. Check your spam/junk folder about the missing email. In addition, if using some additional email security plugin/server, may have to check if they quarantined such automated emails.

  2. Having cleared (a), next try re-sending the email from the dev.portal. You may have to refresh the page to re-enable the send-verification-email button (or logoff/logon). Then check your email again for the verification link
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