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component node out of screen display

Hi all,

Developing with SceneGraph, I'd like to create a screen (series type of screen) with following components :
1st position (A): a description of the serie
2nd position (B): a row list showing the episodes of that serie
3rd position (C): a description of focused episode
4th position (D): a row list showing all the actors of the serie

When user first enter the screen, only A and B are displayed but when moving the cursor to B I want to reveal C and D by scrolling the all screen down.
I know C or D can get the focus (by debugging I am able to do some print and I know for sure that C or D has the focus) but the screen does not scroll down automatically.
Is there a way to achieve this ?

I am thinking of a work around, putting B and D in the same row list with a big gap in between to render C.....But I was just wondering if there is a cleaner way !
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Roku Guru

Re: component node out of screen display

Yes you should be able to do it with animation.  You could either put A, B, C, D into a group and animate the translation of the whole group (vary the y value downwards by the height of A and B) or do a parallel animation of each A, B, C, D or any combined subgroups thereof.
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Re: component node out of screen display


Thanks for your input. It worked like a charm !
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