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Level 7

charset bug

Create an roSearchScreen
Put a string into the search terms list with a character from outside the US-ASCII set.
Run the code.
Select the item in the list.
msg.GetMessage() will not be the same as the item you inserted into the list.

sub main()

port = CreateObject("roMessagePort")
screen = CreateObject("roSearchScreen")

originalText = "Exposé"
history = [originalText]

msg = wait(0,screen.GetMessagePort())
if type(msg) = "Invalid" goto loop

' test whether the string in the search result is
if( msg.isFullResult() ) then
incoming = msg.GetMessage()
print "incoming: "+incoming
print len(incoming)
print "originalText: "+originalText
print len(originalText)
if( incoming = originalText ) then
print "No bug"
print "Yes bug"

goto loop

End Sub

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Level 9

Re: charset bug

We do not support non ascii character sets at this time. The manifest file is one of the few exceptions (so you can put copyright and TM symbols in your channel title).

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Level 8

Re: charset bug

We have a private channel with UTF-8 chars in the title and description that show properly.

The XML returned to the client is prefixed with

XmlWriterSettings settings = new XmlWriterSettings();
settings.Encoding = Encoding.UTF8;
settings.Indent = true;
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