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certification confusion

I created a non-public channel using I've spent a month testing and checking out all aspects of the channel and I'm ready to submit it for certification. However, I'm really confused as to how. If I follow the guidelines, I need to create a new channel and declare it Public, but I'm being told that I must change the name because the channel already exists. Is there away to submit the existing channel or do I have to delete and and start again....and if I do so, will the name then be available?
Dick Dyszel
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Roku Guru

Re: certification confusion

All channel names have to be unique, so it's not possible to have two channels - one private/uncertified and one public/certified - to have the same name. If you want to re-use the same name as your existing private channel, you'll need to rename the private channel. You may need to re-upload the private channel's Pkg file and re-publish it in order to get the new private channel name to be used, so that it releases the old name. Alternatively you can delete the private channel to release the name. - 717-441-4386 - Build a Roku SDK channel in 15 minutes! - Easy Direct Publisher to SDK upgrades!
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