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Roku Guru

categories.xml won't load

I am editing the sample videoplayer and using the categories.xml as a template.

I put in the paths to my categoryLeaf xmls and the images, and double check them by opening in a browser. (they all open correctly)

so I xip up the file, install it using the development application installer, and it hangs on the MainMenu_Icon_CenterFocus_HD screen, with Loading... beneath it.
The content never loads.

Since I have overwritten this a ton of times, could there be cached content preventing it from overwriting the old files?
If so, how do I flush the system?

If not, any suggestions?
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Binge Watcher

Re: categories.xml won't load

Pulling the power cord from the roku and plugging it back in is the only way to be sure all cached data is cleared.
You might want to try running the xml file through an online xml validator first to be sure it's not crashing on a different problem.
What does the debugger say for any crash message?
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Roku Guru

Re: categories.xml won't work FIXED with instructions

I tried cycling the power that doesn't work.

xml validator shows nothing wrong with the categories file.
the only thing I have done with it is try to change the images.

UPDATE:fixed it. The instructions are not very clear and don't indicate that categories.brs has a hard-coded URL that needs to change in order for everything to work.

So here are the steps:

Using the videoplayer example:
Create your images, and load them to your webserver.
Edit categories.xml and the category leaf xml files to point to your content on your server.
Put the XML files on your webserver.
Edit the categories.brs to point to the xml files on your webserver.

Zip up everything in the videoplayer folder EXCEPT the artwork folder and the xml folder.
I found that choosing "Best" resulted in the fewest errors when zipping.
Deploy (I use the Roku plugin installation app that is web-based)

And that folks is the way to write a How-To.
Include steps and basic language, and if applicable, images.
Channels: Go Live Sports Cast/Audion - Audiobooks On Demand
"All I've had today is, like, six gummy bears and some scotch."
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