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Level 7

audio roSpringBoardScreen progress indicator

Is it possible to sync the progress indicator on a spring board screen to a playing audio player automatically?

If not, I assume that in the while loop that waits for events, the wait command needs to wait for a period of time, not 0. On each loop, calculate the time played and adjust the progress indicator accordingly.

So i tried that, but I am not sure of a good way to calculate time. I tried this:

playstart = uptime(0)
maxplay = 190

while true
msg = wait(1000,port)


playtime = uptime(0) - playstart

end while

but uptime does not seem to count in seconds even though the documentation says it does. it seems to count 1/10 second for every real second, but it is not consistent.

So is my calculation wrong? Is there a better way to calculate time or am I going about this wrong? I did not see any progress indicators in any of the sample code.
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Level 7

Re: audio roSpringBoardScreen progress indicator

I found the roDateTime object that seems to work a lot better than uptime

I'd still like to know if it is possible to sync a springboard screen to a player to have the progress indicator updated automatically.
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Level 8

Re: audio roSpringBoardScreen progress indicator

Here is a snippet that works for me !
msg = wait(1000, port)
if msg = invalid
if play = 1 and pause = 0
if ready = 0 and lapse >= 5000
play = 0
Disp( o.Lookup("Title"), " Failed to Play" )
exit while
end if
lapse = lapse + 1000
sb.SetProgressIndicator( lapse, total )
end if
goto mylabel
end if
Total = time in milliseconds
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Level 7

Re: audio roSpringBoardScreen progress indicator


Are there best practices for keeping track of audio progress? None of the examples in the SDK use SetProgressIndicator.
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Level 9

Re: audio roSpringBoardScreen progress indicator

Greubel's example is the best way to do it currently. The Roku does not send audio progress events, so you must keep track of the time in your app.

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Level 10

Re: audio roSpringBoardScreen progress indicator

gruebel's example looks like it will get out of sync if the wait loop receives any valid messages. As scrager suggested, I'd recommend using an roDateTime object for better accuracy.

I do something like this...

content = { mycontent }

playbackTimer = CreateObject( "roDateTime" )
isPlaying = False
isPaused = False
isBuffering = False

content.CurrentPosition = 0
audioPlayer.SetContentList( [ content ] )
While True
msg = Wait( 1000, audioPlayer.GetMessagePort() )
If msg <> invalid Then
If msg.IsRequestFailed() Or msg.IsPartialResult() Or msg.IsFullResult()Then
isBuffering = False
isPlaying = False
Exit While
Else If msg.IsPaused() Then
' We paused, so record the current playback timer position
content.CurrentPosition = content.CurrentPosition + playbackTimer.TotalSeconds()
isPlaying = False
isPaused = True
Else If msg.IsResumed() Then
' We resumed, so restart the playback timer
isPlaying = True
isPaused = False
Else If msg.IsStatusMessage() Then
If msg.GetMessage() = "startup progress" Then
isBuffering = True
' Show buffering message here
' Should also reset playback timer if isPlaying = True
Else If msg.GetMessage() = "start of play" Then
' Start the playback timer
isPlaying = True
isBuffering = False
End If
End If
End If
End While
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