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accessing YouTube mp4s

I'm thinking about developing a channel that needs to access YouTube videos, but I don't know how to create static URLs for their mp4 files. I can create dynamic URLs that include a session token. However, from what I understand, the token eventually expires, and therefore the URL isn't suitable for use in a channel. The URLs I'm using look like this:[VIDEO_ID]&t=[SESSION_TOKEN]&fmt=18

where [VIDEO_ID] can be found in the URL for the flash video page, and [SESSION_TOKEN] can be found by inspecting the HTML source of that page.

Is there a static URL to the mp4 I can use instead? I'm assuming nowhereman has figured this out for the YouTube channel, and it also looks like Roksbox handles this since it too supports YouTube videos. Does anyone have some pointers on how to create YouTube mp4 URLs?
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Re: accessing YouTube mp4s

I believe someone has already done this though I could be wrong.
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Re: accessing YouTube mp4s

You should contact nowhereman here on the forums. He has created a working YouTube private channel. See this thread: viewtopic.php?f=28&t=26992
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