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Roku Guru

Yet another bug

Regular readers of the forum probably know the healthy amount of skepticism i have about the competency of RokuCo's web developers. Cue another bug!

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Right click on this URL and select "Open Link in Incognito Window"

  2. Depending on your luck, observe either this [spoiler=first:vud5vej7][/spoiler:vud5vej7] or this [spoiler=last:vud5vej7][/spoiler:vud5vej7]

The main issue is that it shows bunch of completely unrelated results. It's not like the other channels are match in any way - i just checked and out of 3888 public-ed channels (as of tonight), there is only 1 that has "tangrams" in its metadata.

A second issue is the instability of the search - sometimes it shows the single correct match on top of the list, otherwise - at the end. Press refresh a few times, enjoy situation changing. It's more of a fishy smell, symptom of a bigger problem

(^) Not strictly necessary to be in privacy/incognito - just do it for clean experiment, in case there is cookie "contamination". Do it however you please, logged in to account is fine too.
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