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Roku Guru

What is up with AudioDecodeInfo() ?

Brightscript Debugger> device = CreateObject("roDeviceInfo"):audio = device.GetAudioDecodeInfo():? audio
<Component: roAssociativeArray> =
    AAC: "6:0:0:0:"
    AC3: "6:0:0:1:"
    ALAC: "6:0:0:0:"
    DD+: "6:0:0:0:"
    FLAC: "6:0:0:0:"
    LPCM: "6:0:0:0:"
    MPEG: "2:0:0:0:"
    OPUS: "6:0:0:0:"
    VORBIS: "6:0:0:0:"
    WMA: "6:0:0:0:"
    WMAPRO: "8:0:0:0:"

Are both mp2 and mp3 considered MPEG now? Maybe.. Probably? Probably.. I am assuming yes.

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: What is up with AudioDecodeInfo() ?

Yes, this format set is fully described as MPEG 1.0/2.0/2.5 Audio Layer I/II/III
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Roku Guru

Re: What is up with AudioDecodeInfo() ?

And the WMAP becoming the full WMAPRO now, also just to clean things up.

Just mentioning as I did notice this one too.

The MP3 one was high priority fix because I use those to train the profile and work on any Roku models. Suddenly MP3 and MP2 broke, and people flipped out, why is MP3 transcoding to AAC???!! It wont direct play!!! So I dug deeper, these were MPEG2 and MP3 prior to 8.1.x. Effectively that change made the Roku believe it didn't have MP3 or MP2 support at all. I want the profile fully adaptable from the device. No hard coded anything. Fully dynamic. Future proof. Hence my joy at discovering getAudioDecodeInfo() and it's friend canDecodeVideo(). Together these two interfaces run the show. Not knowing ahead of time that breaking changes are coming to them hurts both Roku and us and then users of our apps who own rokus. Please in the future when these two interfaces change at all. Just asking for a kind heads up next time.

Is there any method we (those who rely on rodeviceinfo) can use to stay closer in the know when changes like this occur? I'm guessing that is why these forums exist. For things that slip through the cracks, but maybe there is info buried in a blog somewhere?

The weird one left, DD+. Because why isn't AC3 called DD? Why isn't DD+ called EAC3? It's weird right? I can't be the only one noticed this. Lol..
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