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Level 7

What can I use to build Horizontal List Menu?


I am trying to create a top horizontal menu. Example below. It could be just highlighted text with specific color, nothing fancy. Roku has verical lists but haven't seen any horizontal. How would I accomplish this, what template best fits. Thank You!

In addition, I would like to hide and show that menu (layered), when navigation from menu content.
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Level 9

Re: What can I use to build Horizontal List Menu?

The LayoutGroup node class manages the position of its child nodes by arranging them in a row from left to right (horizontal layout), or in a column from top to bottom (vertical layout). Fields provide options to control the spacing between children, the horizontal and vertical alignment, and the margins around the edges of the group.
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Re: What can I use to build Horizontal List Menu?

You can use a rowlist, it's a little bit more changelling because you need to create a content node and a customComponent but at the end you have the functions such as focusing and selecting

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: What can I use to build Horizontal List Menu?

FYI, the more up-to-date link to this information is If you have a bookmark for the old link, please replace it with this one. URLs to are deprecated and not guaranteed to point/redirect you to current material (or any material!). That said, I have to admit respect for anyone who has been around the community long enough to have links that old. Thanks for choosing Roku and for sticking with us! The best is yet to come! 🙂