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Vimeo Pro direct mp4 links inflating play stats

I created a custom Roku channel that plays videos from my Vimeo Pro account using the direct mp4 links (meant for external players). I've discovered that as each video plays on my Roku channel it gets accessed multiple times in one session. So the play count on Vimeo stats for each video is getting inflated.

Yesterday I played an mp4 video from my Vimeo account through a test channel I created. I played it for a few minutes, then exited the VideoScreen and clicked to resume play. So the play count should be 2, but Vimeo says I played it 24 times.

Vimeo staff even confirmed the issue here:

Does anyone have any insight into this problem, and ways to avoid it? Should I have it stream HLS (.m3u8) files instead of mp4 files?
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Re: Vimeo Pro direct mp4 links inflating play stats

Not sure why, but if you switch to HLS the problem goes away.

My only guess is that maybe the device is only grabbing small portions of the MP4, then reconnecting to get more portions, which is registering as more plays on Vimeo.
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