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Video fails on v7.6 Roku 3 devices

We're developing a new channel and finished up working on the video player weeks ago. We're using a video node and playing smoothstream with playready drm streams. One of our engineers encountered a problem with video play on his Roku 3 at home; videos all fail instantly with the following error information:
State: error
Error Code: -3
Error Message: An unexpected problem (but not server timeout or HTTP error) has been detected.

After some investigation it appears that this issue only occurs on Roku 3 devices that have been updated to software version 7.6.
We attempted to see if there were in fact http failures by checking for syslog events, but all calls appears to be working as expected.

Is this a bug in v7.6 and what can we do in the mean time to mitigate problems for users on these devices?
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Re: Video fails on v7.6 Roku 3 devices

We also saw this on Roku model 4400x, so it's not confined to Roku 3 devices.
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Re: Video fails on v7.6 Roku 3 devices

Does it happen always (reliably reproducible) or sometimes?
Does removing the DRM have effect?
Using different server/location?
Is correctly set for smooth streaming, .StreamFormat="ism" ?
Anything interesting with the network? Strange http codes, multiple connections - contrast and compare to 7.5 device
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