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Video component - subtitles don't show after turning on with * menu

Hello, i use Video component for playing videos. I also use roku native menu for subtitle selection (under key *). So when i choose to turn on subtitles there is no instant change. I need to seek the video to show subtitles. Could someone list the common problems with that method of subtitle selection. I would like to add that i am observing variable: "globalCaptionMode" of Video component and it changes correctly.


Same video asset played in the stream tester works correctly - subtitles hide and show instantly.

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Video component - subtitles don't show after turning on with * menu


This situation happens when there is one DASH stream starting with an advertisement. In the stream tester i've tested only one consistent stream without ADS.

Advertisement doesn't have CC/subtitle track but later movie has. Checked with Video component field availableSubtitleTracks.

Roku Video component does not reload info about it automatically, seeks bigger than couple of minutes help to reload that info and CC/subtitle starts to work.

It looks like some bug/feature in the native roku player.

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