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Level 8

Values to Change When Row Names Are Off Screen

When I look at the grid screen on a TV with the Roku display settings at 720 , the names of the rows are too far to the left (part of the words in the row names do not show at all, only last few letters at the end of the row names display).

What values do I change to correct this? I located the following

<theme name="GridScreenDescriptionOffsetSD" value="(53,40)"/>
<theme name="GridScreenDescriptionOffsetHD" value="(72,61)"/>
<theme name="GridScreenBorderOffsetSD" value="(-20,-20)"/>
<theme name="GridScreenBorderOffsetHD" value="(-25,-25)"/>

Thank you
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Level 8

Re: Values to Change When Row Names Are Off Screen

Anyone have a suggestion on how to move the words from the left to the right of the screen?

Thank you.
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