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Level 7

Validating the transaction

While validating the transaction through the web API ( ... saction_ID
I am getting an error Method Not allowed using POSTMAN
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Validating the transaction

Try this: from a command line:

curl -G ... saction_Id

i.e. use GET in Postman instead of POST.

 - Joel 
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Level 10

Re: Validating the transaction

i can see lots of "empty" transaction in my Transactions page for my channel, what could be the reason?
i.e there are no expiration date or amount just the transaction id.
here is the response from validate_transaction call from postman:
<result xmlns="" xmlns:i="">
    <errorCode i:nil="true" xmlns=""/>
    <errorDetails i:nil="true" xmlns=""/>
    <errorMessage xmlns=""/>
    <status xmlns="">Success</status>
    <channelName>My TV</channelName>
    <couponCode i:nil="true"/>
    <expirationDate i:nil="true"/>
    <partnerReferenceId i:nil="true"/>

Can anyone tell me what does this mean??
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Level 10

Re: Validating the transaction

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