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Level 7

Using an roSGScreen along with other screens

I'll need to push an update to an existing app in the coming weeks.

My thought was that with the sunsetting of many BrightScript components coming up, this would give me the chance to get my feet wet with SceneGraph, so I proceeded to make the new screen using roSGScreen and SceneGraph nodes/components.

My question is whether or not I will run into any issues updating the app given that the rest of it is built using typical Roku BrightScript screens (e.g., roParagraphScreen, roSpringboardScreen, etc.) Functionality-wise, things seem to be working great when I run the app locally and in a Private Channel. But I am wondering if there might be any certification problems or are any other issues which I should prepare for.

Thank you,

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Level 10

Re: Using an roSGScreen along with other screens

If you use your existing app it will run stating components are deprecated and to stop using them, but the app will still currently work.
I think I read somewhere that in order for the deprecated components to be used in a scenegraph app, the scene needs to be closed or destroyed, and then recreated?  But I'll need to get into this soon.
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Level 11

Re: Using an roSGScreen along with other screens

Give yourself a generous amount of time to learn RSG if you have to. Say 1-3 months. There will be cursing.
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