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Using Youtube Playlist RSS feeds to deliver content


I'm getting ready to start developing a Roku channel, which I hope to submit to Roku for approval in the Roku channel store. I've organized my dozens of videos into playlists on my youtube channel (I own all the rights to the them). I'd like to pull the videos into my Roku channel from my Youtube playlists via RSS feed.

I know this is easily doable. But will Roku reject my channel for doing it this way? It's unclear to me based on my online research thus far. Again, I own all the videos and my channel would be free and non-commercial. (It's educational content.)

Thanks for any help.
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Re: Using Youtube Playlist RSS feeds to deliver content

"renae_christine" wrote:
Sorry. After some more investigation it looks like you CAN probably code something to pull the YouTube vids. But it appears it's a no no because YouTube isn't supposed to host the vids or something. I'm wondering if this will change soon because of the new YouTube channel. I'm just not sure.

So ... I guess I'll leave this to a pro instead of guessing.

Unlikely it'll change. I doubt YouTube would be too happy about providing a free CDN for channel developers.
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