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Unable to update channel: Static Analysis fails

I get this error when trying to perform a static analysis on my channel update:

'We are experiencing problems contacting the service. Please try submitting your changes again or refreshing your web browser.'

I've read a similar topic to this here in which someone suggested reuploading the package file and performing the submission again. I tried that but I get the same results.

I started a support ticket but haven't heard back.

I'm not sure if this is relevant, but I noticed that my latest package file is over twice as large as the previous package file I uploaded when I last updated my channel over a year ago. I'm not sure why this is; the update to my channel is minor. I followed the same process I always do.

Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Unable to update channel: Static Analysis fails

Hi @ContraryMotion,

Have you tried performing another Static Analysis test since posting here? Are you still seeing the same error?

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Re: Unable to update channel: Static Analysis fails


I had started a support ticket for this problem. Support responded and ran the static analysis for me on their end and approved my update.

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