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Unable to View Sales Activity - URGENT

Opting to post a new thread to bring visibility to this thread: along with others that I have seen.
Prior to April of this year, we used to have a Sales Activity option from the Developer Dashboard. From Sales Activity we could generate and export reports by month that would include headers like:
Date, Quantity, Price, Amount, Share, Total, Comments.

From what I can tell, there is no way to reproduce this report with these values now that the Sales Activity page is gone. Is this a known issue? Is there a plan to restore the Sales Activity page? Is there a plan to replace it?
Any information is appreciated. Thank you.
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Roku Guru

Re: Unable to View Sales Activity - URGENT

Unfortunately this is the new way and you have to use the Transaction Reporting option (which is crap) then you download the info to Excel CSV

This is what they told me;

"The Sales Activity Report has been deprecated in favor of the new Transaction Reporting, which provides more transaction data and a much higher rate of accuracy than the previous report. 

You can find additional information on how to calculate summary data using our new Transaction Reporting on our Knowledge Center at Is there a way to track revenue totals in the new Transaction Reporting?"
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Re: Unable to View Sales Activity - URGENT

Belated thank you matrixebiz. Unfortunately, unless I am missing something in the instructions they provided, there doesn't seem to be a clean-cut/feasible way to reproduce the old sales data that we once had access to.

Bumping this in hopes of getting workable help or in contact with a Roku employee. I have been asked to pull sales activity reports by month. When I filter by month, I get one, maybe two days worth of data as the report limits transactions to 5,000 (We sometimes exceed this value in a single day, let alone in a month...). As it stands right now, it appears that I will need to pull every day of the month individually and manually compile it on my own. And even with all that effort I will be missing data for the days where we exceeded 5,000 transactions in a day.

Please address this issue or provide a contact who can assist. Thank you,

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