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Level 7

Unable to Update Channel

I am trying to submit a new version of my Roku channel for review and I cannot get passed the 'Submission Survey' page. The webpage keeps telling me that the 'Release Notes' field is a required field even though it has already been filled.

I have tried this in Safari, Chrome and Firefox yet it still does not work.
I even tried changing the version of the app and that also did not work.

Seems to me like there is something seriously wrong with the 'Submission Survey' but maybe I am just missing something simple and its not really broken?
Is anyone else experiencing this problem? or any ideas what is going on here?
I am really at a loss with this and I need to have this channel updated as soon as possible.
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Level 7

Re: Unable to Update Channel

Well we got it to work. Seems like the release notes field does not like return characters or something, we had to type it out by hand instead of just pasting in the release notes.
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Level 10

Re: Unable to Update Channel

This is also the case for the "Web Description" when submitting.
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