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Level 7

UNABLE TO CREATE RoSGNode of type ContentNode

what is wrong in this function i am using it inside a task node where at the end i assign the content field of type contenNode
and in the scene i am observing this field to apply changes.

function getChannels()
channels = response.available_channels
listcontent = createObject("RoSGNode","ContentNode") <===================== Error is happening at this line
for each id in channels
if channels[id].stream_type = "live"
stream.Title = channels[id].name
stream.url = "some url.m3u8"
listitem = listcontent.createChild("ContentNode") <===================== Error is happening at this line
listitem.Title = stream.Title
listitem.url = stream.url
end if
end for = listcontent
end function
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