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Level 9

UI does not show until screensaver is closed

I have a little app that just shows a menu bar and some items, but I need to wait for the screensaver to to turn on and then close it to see the app.
The splash screen however gets show. I am also calling show() on the screen:

Any idea?

function Main() as void
print "Main() called"
end function

sub prepareAndshowChannel()
print "prepareAndshowChannel() called"
m.MainScreen = CreateObject("roSGScreen")
MainScreen = m.MainScreen
m.port = CreateObject("roMessagePort")
m.ApplicationScreen = m.MainScreen.CreateScene("ApplicationScreen")
print "MainScreen and ApplicationScreen prepared"

msg = wait(0, m.port)
msgType = type(msg)
if msgType = "roSGScreenEvent"
if msg.isScreenClosed() then return
end if
end while

end sub
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Level 9

Re: UI does not show until screensaver is closed [SOLVED]

I had an error in my code which I did not see in the console.
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