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U-Boot - Possible GPLv2 License Violation

The U-Boot sources for Roku HDRTV v9.4.0 appear to be in violation of GPLv2.  The code unconditionally statically links against against a few Mstar libraries, but neither the sources nor licenses for those libraries are made available.  Without them, the U-Boot sources simply cannot be built.

From the U-Boot Makefile:

## MstarApp
LIBS += ../MstarApp/libmsapp.a
LIBS += ../MstarApp/src/fs/libmsfs.a
LIBS += ../MstarApp/src/secure/libmssecure.a

## MstarCore
LIBS += ../MstarCore/libmscore.a
LIBS += ../MstarCore/src/drivers/libdrivers.a

## MstarCustomer
LIBS += ../MstarCustomer/$(CUSTOMER)/libmscustomer.a

## Utopia Lib:
## The --gc-sections will remove the unused section part, so we included all utopia lib.
LIBS += lib/mstar/*.a


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