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Level 7

Trying to create a simulated live stream channel

Are there any examples of a simulated live-stream or "linear" type channel that automatically plays one video to the next upon entering it. I know this is possible with ITVC, as I've done it already, but I'm looking to do it with SDK. I can't find any info on Automatic Playback, Autoplay, etc. Please help.
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Level 11

Re: Trying to create a simulated live stream channel

If the list of items to be played is known in advance of the player launching, it should be fairly trivial to hand the player the playlist as it's content;
otherwise, you can observe the video state field and if you get video.state = "finished", you can overwrite the content and restart the player.  Apparently you may need to re init the client certificates when doing this; here's a snip from one of my channels where I did this to autoplay the next item:
  m.Video.content = playcontent"common:/certs/ca-bundle.crt")
  m.Video.control = "play"
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