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Trouble Implementing both MarkupGrid and Rowlist

I am having an issue with populating a Rowlist on the "itemFocused" within MarkupGrid that is acting as my navigation. I want the Scene to look something like this:

[center:1v5erezp][Nav option 1] [Nav option 2] [Nav option 3][/center:1v5erezp]

[center:1v5erezp]{Rowlist that associates with "Nav Option 2" would go here.}[/center:1v5erezp]

I'm able to separately render the MarkupGrid and Rowlist, which pulls content from a Task node, but when I try to implement the Rowlist on the same scene as the MarkupGrid, my screen turns black. So I decided to place the RowList in a separate Group Node but I'm not sure how to make the RowList visible within the HomeScene again. Any suggestions? Here is my code from HomeScene:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> 
<component name="HomeScene" extends="Scene"  initialFocus = "headerMarkupGrid">
    <script type="text/brightscript" uri="pkg:/components/HomeScene.brs" />
                    height="150" />
            translation = "[ 275, 10 ]" 
            itemSpacing = "[ 0, 10 ]" 
            drawFocusFeedback = "false" 
            numColumns = "4" 
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