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Transferring App Name

Dear Roku Developer Support,
My company, Entertainment Studios, had originally published our Roku app through a third-party developer, Mediafly. Over the last several months, we've built an all-new app through another developer, Cisco Infinite Video, featuring new video files, metadata, and graphics. 

We are now ready to publish the new app, and Mediafly has confirmed that they’ve removed/released the old app from their account; however, the old app is still appearing on the Roku channel store ( 

As a result, we are blocked from applying the channel name to our new app. When entering the channel name in the developer portal, we receive the following error message: Roku requires that names for channels within the Channel Store are unique. The name you have selected for the channel is not available. Please select a different name. 

Please advise how we can go about transferring the name, or removing the old app and replacing it with the new one in a seamless way. We need to avoid allowing another entity to potentially swoop in and claim the name during any transition period between release of the old app and launch of the new one.

Your timely response and guidance is much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Leonard @ Entertainment Studios
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Roku Guru

Re: Transferring App Name

You need attention by [spoiler=that man behind the curtain:32a1laqy][youtube:32a1laqy]YWyCCJ6B2WE[/youtube:32a1laqy][/spoiler:32a1laqy]
What you need cannot be done self-service through the developer portal. A Channel Store curator has to charm it manually. Try by emailing developer - or a better internal contact if you have one. Should have started the motion that way.
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