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TimeGridView - Where do I put the URL?


I am new to Roku development and experimenting with TimeGridView to create a personal channel with local TV stations. 

I was able to modify the APi files to reflect the channels I want to appear on the EPG grid, i Can navigate through the channels and time slots but can't figure out where to put the URL for the live stream of each channel so that when I select a program it streams the actual channel the program is on.

I would assume it goes in one of the JSON files but where? 

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Re: TimeGridView - Where do I put the URL?

TimeGrid doesn't play content for you. You'll need to observe the channelSelected or programSelected fields on the time grid to get the index of the selected item, and then look up the URL from the data. You can store the URL on the content nodes or in a separate array, just use the indexes from the observed fields above to look up the data. 

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