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Re: Theme?

"EnTerr" wrote:
"squirreltown" wrote:
I certainly disagree that thats any reason not to do them. In spite of what Roku seems to be aware of, there is a world full of excellent graphic professionals out there, every bit as competent and experienced as any programmer that reads this board. Having just checked out the screenshots for the new "themes" section on the site-formerly-known as-the channel-store, i was pretty astonished at how bad they were. Not a hint of imagination. They look like they were thrown together at lunch. I mean all of them.. in one lunch.

It might be "invitational only" at this point. The Co is probably testing the waters, how lucrative such themes are:
  • If *very* lucrative, they may keep to themselves and selected sub-contrators.

  • If medium return-on-investment, they may open to developers at-large and skim %

  • And if very low consumer interest, then is hard to justify the fixed cost of documenting/creating process, so should just chop it

If this is their idea of "testing the waters" they're doing a poor job at it - no one's is going to buy themes as lackluster as the ones they've put out.

If they decide to chop it, I would be *very* angry - seeing as they already have the backbone in place it would be a complete waste to not let devs use it. If they don't want to incur costs documenting the whole thing, at the very least they could just provide us with the source code for one of the sample themes they've already put out - any enterprising dev will then easily be able to figure out how it works.
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