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The Roku SDK is now available for download!

The Roku Digital Video Player SDK is now available for download!

Go to to get started:

1) If you already have a Roku account, "Sign in" using your username and password. You'll arrive at the "Sign up for the Developer Program" page. Just enter your developer account information, accept the Roku Channel Developer Agreement and you will enter your developer account.

2) If you don't yet have a Roku account, click the "Create Account" button and it will guide you through setting up your Roku account. If you have a Roku player, you can link it to your account, but you do not need to do this now. Once your account is created, click on "Developer" in the upper right of the screen. This takes you to the "Sign up for the Developer Program" page where you can enter your account information and accept the Developer Agreement.

Once your account setup is complete, click the "Download" button to get a copy of the SDK distribution. To get started check out the README file. We recommend reading the Digital Video Player Developer Guide first. It contains an overview of the Roku development environment and the various documents contained in the Roku SDK documentation.
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