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Thanks, next question.

Ok, so You guys have been very helpful, thank you again.

my next question is, how do i stream a live feed?

Like, i want to create a channel very much like Bizarre TV. Maybe not the content, but a set schedule.

My uncle had a horrible accident, he can no longer use his arms and legs. I thought it would be cool to set up a private channel for him and only him. A channel where his nurse would not have to come into his room and change the channel for him. I bought a Roku for him and would like to utilize it. I want him to still feel independent. what I need is a channel that can stream his favorite shows, so he can binge watch. He likes Battlestar Galactica and stuff like that. I want to make a channel for him where he can wake up to and fall asleep to. Hes pretty young, but while he does his rehab, i would like to add some surprises for him, like home movies mixed in. I would like to make a 24 hour stream for him. He has sleepless nights. I have an instant tv roku channel account. I just cant find anything about making it 24/7.

I know how to upload new shows for him, but I want to run it 24/7 so he does not have to call his nurse to change the channel for him.

thank you.
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