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TVU without a pc?

Is there any way to create a TVU type of channel on roku that won't require streaming from a pc?!? I tried IPTV My Way, but the lag was way too much. -channel lists/tools -fta -linear channels
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Re: TVU without a pc?

its not "lag" really, see the only way to do live video on roku is using HLS.

if you do a quick search here you will see HLS is breaks up the video into 10 second segments, the roku needs normally about 5 of these before you see it on the roku.

you won't be able to ever do any better than the approx 1 minute of "Lag" your talking about because its the only form of live streaming to the roku.

i am glad you were able to get it going though! we have a new streamer coming out soon as well
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