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Level 7

Sunsetting the legacy Roku SDK visual screens?

Hello Everyone,
I would like to know about when is ROKU actually removing Legacy SDK Visual Screens and what will happen if ROKU will remove them. It was written on their site that they will remove the Legacy SDK from the January 1st 2019.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Kind Regards.
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Level 10

Re: Sunsetting the legacy Roku SDK visual screens?

See the EDIT at the bottom of that page.

So while you have a good question, I think their current stance is not to worry about it.  If you are updating or submitting a channel then they won't accept it if it's not scenegraph.  Existing channels might still work. - It's a good choice though, otherwise January 1st the available channels could have been wiped out to 30 or 40 choices instead of over 500 available.
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