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Styling of WebVTT

Hi all,

I have a client which has subtitles in the WebVTT format, this client does not offer this file within the manifest (yet), but as a separate link. Meaning I add this URL to the content metadata object;

    ' ... some other properties
    SubtitleUrl: ""
    ' ... more properties

This is not a problem, the subtitles show up on the screen. There's however a problem with the styling of these subtitles. The subtitles contain "inline styling", however the Roku device(s) don't seem to position them correctly.

E.g. I have the following line;

00:00:11.666 --> 00:00:13.875 line:83% position:50% align:middle size:100%
<c.Subtitle-C3_1>"The act of taking one's own life."</c>

On Roku this shows up like;

However, when I test this same subtitles in the browser (without any additional styling of course), it results in the following;

So, my question is; Is this a bug (regarding the positioning) on the Roku software, or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Sander Looijenga
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