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StreamInfo streamBitrate is not valid for ABR or hardcoded?

Hi all

Our Roku SG application is using a Smooth Streaming manifest file with 8 video profiles to populate the Video node.

When I query the streamInfo Object on the Video object (live or VOD) the streamInfo.measuredBitrate is valid and is changing whenever a new manifest/ video is loaded however when querying streamInfo.streamBitrate it's always the same value: 128000. This is the case when connecting to known slow networks (500Kbps) via wifi or Ethernet or 80Mbps networks. And throttling network speed via Mac's Link conditioner or Wondershaper on a Linux box has no impact on the streamBitrate value.

Also our manifest file does not contain that bitrate.

Profile 8 6780 1920x1080p/50 
Profile 7 4988 1280x720p/50 
Profile 6 3000 1280x720p/25 
Profile 5 1380 960x540p/25 
Profile 4 672 704x396p/25 
Profile 3 448 512x288p/25 
Profile 2 288 384x216p/25 
Profile 1 112 192x108p/25

Is this a known issue? Aside from baking in each Profiles bitrate into the video is there a way to determine the current Bitrate when playing out a multibitrate manifest?


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Re: StreamInfo streamBitrate is not valid for ABR or hardcoded?

Found the answer for this. 

For DASH and HLS you need to use the streamingSegment object to determine the currently playing video asset's bitrate from the Manifest file.

To test this you can point your video contentNode.url to ""

More public Smooth streaming manifest playlists here: 
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