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Still "There appears to have a problem. Please try again later"

Over approx. the last couple months, all new Direct Publisher channels created or existing channels that have their feed url's changed will break the channel, returning the following in Roku:

"There appears to be a problem. Please try again later.".


  • Using Direct Publisher

  • Occurs with different developer accounts

  • Occurs with new channels and existing channels that have their feed url updated

  • Occurs with different feeds (HLS based). Feeds always validate with no errors

  • All Direct Publisher "steps" validate ("green")

  • Issue appears to have been present for 1-2 months and counting

The Partner Success Contact form does not work. Returns "Oops! Something went wrong, please try again".  This was the only way to report the issue.  We can provide multiple account logins, channel names, screenshots and more. Please reach out so we can send these private details.

What's wrong? When will it be resolved? Is there a way to work-around the problem temporarily?

Thank you
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