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Split developer and personal accounts

I recently was creating an app for my employer and inadvertently used my personal Roku account for the developer account. When I thought I was adding a new account, it actually changed the email address on my personal account to my work email. Is there a way to split my developer account from my personal account (leaving the developer account with my work email address and moving my personal account attached to my personal Roku Streaming Stick (3800 series) back to my personal email address)?

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Re: Split developer and personal accounts

So you only have one account right now?  Just go to and change your email address back to what you want it to be.  To create a second account you'll probably have to clear out your cookies or use a private/incognito window to ensure you're not operating on your personal account.  Go to the same website and create a new account.  The only way to link your stick to the new account is to factory reset it, but there isn't really a need for that.  You can package your channel on any device on any account and just upload the package to your developer account.  For more questions, the developer section is a better place:

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Re: Split developer and personal accounts

hi @dormouse 

you have 2 options actually to fix your issue , depending on the situation. 

you can "move" the stick or your can "move" the channel

the easiest option is to move the stick , in that case just customize the account you have now with the channel on it to be your "work" account , open a new account using your personal email - lets say from another browser ( Roku logs you out from your account after a short while of inactivity but you never know so using different browsers from different account works just  fine) - moving the stick is easy , just reset to factory settings and link the device to your personal account.

but ....

if you have. let's say couple of subscriptions attached to your device and account. it is a little bit "longer" 

in that case - change back the email in the existing account and customize it as your personal account , open a new account for your "work" profile and:

 1. you can ad your work account as admin for the channel you already have or ...

2. you can open a support ticket with Roku Dev Support ( )    tell them what you did and ask them to move the channel from one account to the other.

Both ways are doable. Depends ....

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