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Software testing for Roku


I work a little bit with software testing want to get myself more involved in the Roku Developer community.
If there's any other software testers in the house, feel free to jump onto this thread!

I would like to discuss thinks like:

* How do we choose a smart selection of Roku devices to test on (to cover as many scenarios as possible)
* Test automation framework(s) for Roku players
* How to sniff traffic (Wireshark, Fiddler, Charles etc.)
* How to do stress testing on an app level
* Is there any structured approach to test the stream quality, prevent lag, hiccups in the streams
* How do you conduct compatibility test with the companion apps (iOS and Android)
* Performance testing on the client side?

These are just a few questions. It would be great to start discussing, brainstorming, come up with new test ideas etc. Roku is a super cool platform that will become huge!

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Re: Software testing for Roku

I don't know if this helps, but:

I also get the feeling that you want to test this against the oldest model roku you can find, as a stress-test.

A concern that exists is testing this against 'RokuTV'... there you could find yourself against every manufacturer that exists.
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Re: Software testing for Roku

Hi @rollingtester and @dcrandall,

I am new to Roku test automation. My questions match your questions . As with your experience can you suggest me any automation techniques you are following .

Thanks in advance,
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Re: Software testing for Roku

Hi Vik,

Great thread — I am excited to see the collective wisdom from the community on this, as we don't currently have a standardized process for testing.

As dcrandall suggested, a good rule of thumb to follow is to build for the oldest Roku device possible. You can always add additional graphics, animations, etc. for higher-end models.

If you're not already familiar with our channel certification checklist, it will serve as a good starting point of all the bugs our certification team looks for when reviewing applications for public channels:

Finally, as I told Rupesh in his thread this morning (, we're opening up beta access to a unit testing framework for automating and testing Roku channels today. If you would like to participate and are willing to provide feedback for the tool, then the first step will be to join our Beta Developers Program. Follow this link to learn more about the Beta Developers Program and signup:
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Community Moderator

Re: Software testing for Roku

Please forgive the delays, but the Unit Testing Framework is now available to the public:
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Re: Software testing for Roku

Nice thread. I am on the same page. So i created separate channels in the Roku slack to discuss these things.

This one for automation -

This one for general testing discussions -

Feel free to join.


Arjun B M(

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