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Showing Non-linear Ads in Roku

Hi Everyone,

I am new to roku development. I came to know that Roku Ad Framework(RAF) supports only linear ads. I have two questions on non-linear ads.

1. Is that roku supports and uses non-linear ads.?

2. Is that any ad servers will support non-linear ads to integrate with the roku sdk ?. Like AdRise ad server, it give linear ads support and it gives adrise sdk to integrate in our code.

Or developer need to write a code to parse the non-linear xml VAST file.

Anyone please clarify this.

Thank you.
I am using Roku 4 - 4400X Model.
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Re: Showing Non-linear Ads in Roku

Non-linear ads - are those video overlays that should run in parallel with the main video content?
If yes - i don't think so, i read somewhere Roku can play only one video at a time.
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Re: Showing Non-linear Ads in Roku

Hi EnTerr,

Yes, I think you are right. Me too have doubt in that. Videos will not play parallel in roku with main video content.

But like youtube, Is that banner(image) ads will be displayed simultaneously with the main video content.?

Thank you,
I am using Roku 4 - 4400X Model.
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