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Show Label in screen saver

I am trying to create a pretty simple screen saver; one with only a label that displays the current time.
So far I am only getting a blank screen. My label isn't even showing up.
Here's my code: 


function init()
   m.Label ="time")"MyField", "getCurrentTime")
end function

function getCurrentTime()
    time = CreateObject("roDateTime")
    newTime = time.toISOString()
    print newTime
    arr = newTime.split("T")
    print "Time is: " arr[1]
    m.Label.text = arr[1]
end function



sub RunScreenSaver()
   screen = createObject("roSGScreen")
    port = createObject("roMessagePort")
    port2 =  createObject("roMessagePort")
    screen.setMessagePort(port) = screen.getGlobalNode() 'Creates (Global) variable MyField"MyField", "int", true) = 0
    scene = screen.createScene("ScreensaverFade")

    while(true) 'Message Port that fires every 7 seconds to change value of MyField if the screen isn't closed
        msg = wait(7000, port)
        if (msg <> invalid)
            msgType = type(msg)
            if msgType = "roSGScreenEvent"
                if msg.isScreenClosed() then return
            end if
   += 10
            msg = wait(2500, port2)
        end if
    end while
end sub

Also, another minor issue, the time I am getting displays the date as well, so I used split to separate, now I get something like 09:30:22Z, what is his Z and how to remove it, and how to get my label to show up.
Thanks a lot!


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