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Setting xyhw & fixedlayout

Is there an actual working example of setting the xyhw for a markupgrid  anywhere in the docs or online. Have spent several days working on this with little progress. Would like to merge all cells in a row that are alike.  Any direction appreciated.
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Level 7

Re: Setting xyhw & fixedlayout

Well with no real info on setting the xyhw,  have been able to get cells to merge, but like all things Roku there are problems. First, isn't the purpose of merging cells to get like information together. For example, if cell 1 and cell 2 contain identical info, I would merge them into one cell with the info displayed only once. Well I merge cells, the focus indicator shows this by spanning both cells, but the text displays in each cell, not just one.  Secondly, cell merge is kinda of hit and miss. First row may merge (as stated above), second row may not merge at all then the third row may merge with cell info printed once. Just wondering if those who have set cell widths using this have seen some of this or is maybe I have something else wrong, which maybe the case. Or, maybe there is a bug.  I do get the warning or error message that the cell is already occupied, but code continues and grid loads, but as stated above.
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