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Level 11

Sequential blinking on Rowlist images

Hi -
I'm loading a set of content into a rowlist and seeing very predictable blinking of the rowlist posters once enough of them load. They just start blinking repeatedly and never stop. I have never seen this before but probably it has something to do with the fact the source images are rather large.  It's almost like the system cache is juggling and reloading the images on screen.
If I change the manifest to "ui_resolutions=hd" (from fhd) that prevents the flashing completely.  I tried 


on the rowlistitem posters but that was no help.
Any suggestions other than reducing the source images or switching fhd -> hd ?
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Level 11

Re: Sequential blinking on Rowlist images

Update: Did not find a solution via brightscript / RSG.  Reducing the images to a reasonable resolution and filesize resolved the blinking problem.