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Selecting the Best Stream

I have a wowza HLS stream, I have 4 different streams depending on the bandwidth of the viewer, as this is also used on the web, mobile, etc. How would i determine which video url to load based on the users connection speed? Is there a method that returns the connection speed or something?? As I have 4 urls it would be nice to be able to correlate that with Rokus 4 stars

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Selecting the Best Stream

4 'stars' isn't asking for much bandwidth. Roku automatically selects the best stream.
If the stream bitrate equals:
0 = no dots
< 500 Kbps = 1 dot
< 800 Kbps = 2 dots
<1.1 Mbps = 3 dots
>= 1.1 Mbps = 4 dots
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Roku Employee

Re: Selecting the Best Stream

With HLS, you want to use a single URL that points to a single master playlist. That playlist should contain the URLs for all the variants of your stream. The firmware will handle stream selection and switching automatically.

From the Component Reference: ... ideoScreen
When using HLS, the StreamUrls and StreamQualities array should each have exactly one element. If the HLS stream has only a single bitrate stream, the StreamBitrates array should contain one element specifying that bitrate. If the stream contains more than one variant stream at multiple bitrates, the StreamBitrates array should contain one element with a value of zero
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