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Sections in MarkupGrid (SceneGraph)

The docs for MarkupGrid state that to create sections a ContentNode with a contentType of "SECTION" should be created, with the item or content nodes contained as children of the section node. However, attempting to set the contentType to "SECTION" on a ContentNode returns the error "Error setting the "ContentType" field of a "ContentNode" node".

I believe that this is because a contentNode's ContentType can only be set to certain pre-defined strings (from the Docs for ContentNode: "Valid values = movie, episode, season, series, audio"). If that is the case, how can sections be created for a MarkupGrid?
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Re: Sections in MarkupGrid (SceneGraph)
Gives an example, works for me
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Re: Sections in MarkupGrid (SceneGraph)

Can someone pls confirm if the sections work for markupgrid? Is there any code sample?
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Re: Sections in MarkupGrid (SceneGraph)

Horizontal scroll in not working on markup grid. Can some one let me know how the horizontal scroll works on mark up grid. Like, I want to hide the left columns when I scroll right and similarly show them when I scroll left on the grid.
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