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Search funcnility

we have one app in roku and in that app we want to integrate search funcnility, we want to integrate search functionality in our channel so how can we add since roSearch is no longer in use so can you explain how can we integrate?
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Re: Search funcnility

More info is needed such as where are you pulling the data from..a json/xml file or mysqli database?
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Re: Search funcnility

All that roSearch did was keep a list of the search terms that were entered (searchhistory -- ), and display the search screen.  The actual search functionality code had to be created by the channel developer. So if you can use a full keyboard component, or a mini keyboard component, add a few buttons for confirming the entry or displaying a list of prior search terms to select from, with a rectangle, images, or something to display the interface, and create some logic for performing the search or sending the term and receiving the data from somewhere, that's all you need to do.
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Re: Search funcnility

I too am looking to add a search feature for my channel viewers.  I'll keep an eye out for an resolution as I have not found any information on how to do this on Direct Publisher or Scenegraph.

I have duplicate json and xml feeds, so either would work.  I just can't get around to doing it on Direct Publisher or Scenegraph.  Any guidance would be helpful.
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