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Scrolling Screen Freeze

Working on a Roku2 Firmware 7.0 build 9044. I have an app that gives a vertical list of videos (5 total on screen at one time).When remote button is press down arrow the list scrolls up with new video title at bottom, top one moves off screen replaced by second one from top. Nothing fancy. I have total of 37 titles read from an array that is loaded from a file. I have noticed that when scrolling I get to 15 and scrolling stops but in debugger I can continue to move thru the list. If I pause and wait say 45 secs or so the screen catches up with the current index position. Seems to happen at index 15 and index 37. Just wondering maybe the roku is clearing out memory or something to catch up, don't really know. Other than the freeze at those points, scroll moves along. Any ideas? Thanks
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